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Why to Participate in the Exhibition:

  • The exhibition enables to invite countries to participate with all their trade, service and logistics sectors to meet under one roof to share experiences and investments.
  • The vision of Qatar 2030 and raising the level of its huge investments in all types of shipping and transportation services, whether through sea, air, or land, provide great opportunities for participants to benefit from the Qatari market.
  • The qualitative shift of Hamad Port and Logistics Area and the future development plans require a lot of services that may be provided by the participating companies.

Invited Sectors

1. Customs Authorities
2. Shipping and transportation companies by sea, air and land
3. Logistics Services companies
4. Port construction and development companies
5. Dry Dock (Shipyards) Developers
6. Insurance companies
7. Shipbuilders
8. Container Builders
9. Oil & Gas Tankers Builders
10. Land Freight Trains
11. Port Management companies
12. Industrial and Commercial products of countries located on
the sea and air silk line
13. Navigation Technology Management
14. Navigation Universities and Training Institutes
15. Security and safety companies for Shipping Lines
16. International organizations and companies specialized
in the same field
17. Consulting Companies
18. Cruise Ships
19. Navigation & Meteorological System
20. Cargo Packaging Equipment
21. Courier Express
22. Logistic Zone
23. Design and Construction of Warehouse Providers
24. Environmental and Pollution Control Technology

Participating Countries

-States on the Silk Road: